British Classic Mineral Specimens

Munich Show 2023

We were finally able to attend Munich again, after an absence of several years due to Covid. We were asked to be part of the Special Exhibition, in which famous mineral specimens and their paintings were featured in an incredible gallery. My best campylite specimen appeared, together with a magnificent calcite from West Cumbria (formerly in the collection of Wayne Leicht) and one of the best 'funkies' from Greenlaws mine. The artist - the amazing Christopher Smith-Duque. Together with our Belgian friend Nico Bouvin, we also took some specimens from the earlier finds at Greenlaws mine to give to the kids who attend the show as a thank-you for doing their quiz.

other news
Invitation to open days

If you would like to drop into Campylite HQ, please drop us an email. We are currently sorting out the collection, and have available a considerable number of duplicate...

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Welcome to the new site!

Finally we've finished work on the site - so here is the nice, shiny new I'll start uploading photos and minerals over time, so keep an eye out for some...

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First cavity of the year - washing out...

Adam Pacey - researcher at the Natural History Museum takes control of the pressure washer to help open up a cavity containing huge clusters of purple fluorite crystals....

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Latest cavity washing

Washing out huge fluorite specimens with Adam Pacey, part of the Natural History Museum crew..

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Opening up the mine - first cavity of 2016

First video of the weekend - cleaning out a large cavity with Adam Pacey, who is undertaking research at the Natural History Museum in London. Its a privilege to have such...

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Greenlaws Collapse Cavities

This is the best photo I've seen to date of one of these huge Greenlaws 'collapse' cavities. Taken by Adam Pacey at the weekend, it shows a partly washed out cavity, with...

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