British Classic Mineral Specimens



Its hard to work out why, after so many years collecting fluorite, I should still find it hard to claim to have many decent pieces. Actually, I think I've got some pretty good bits all things considered. Some rescued from Trophy Collectors in Europe and the States - they all need to come home to Weardale.

The truth of the matter is that the best Weardale fluorites all came out years ago, and the classic, deep fluorescent purple specimens were all produced by mines that are inaccessible at best. True, Blackdene, Cammock Eals, Redburn, Groverake, Stanhopeburn, West Pastures and other mines in the area produced some amazing pieces, and I have some of these. Heights mine, a grotty, dangerous set of collapsing old workings produced some good material too - the piece illustrated here is my best piece.

Pieces in old collections from Greenlaws, Rotherhope Fell and Boltsburn will probably never be rivalled. These three mines produced crystals from mud filled cavities in what is known as 'Flats' - replacement orebodies in the limestone extending for hundreds of feet on either side of the veins.

At Greenlaws Mine, slap bang in the middle of Weardale, we are finally starting to uncover more of these flats - to research and understand how they formed, and the structural controls on them.

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